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Originally published in InStyle magazine.

Orlando Bloom
24-year-old star of The Lord of the Rings:

First job: "A clay trapper, when I was about 13. I set the clay disks the gentlemen would try to shoot. It was fun to be out in the fresh air."

First car: "A deep-green VW Golf. I bought it for 160 quid (about $230) at an auction in London. I still wish I had it. I loved that car."

First cd: "Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. 'Thriller' was my first 45."

First concert: "Jamiroquai at a gig in my hometown of Canterbury."

First film: "Superman, but Stand By Me really got me into acting."

First actor's impulse: "When I realized the heroes on The A-Team, The Fall Guy and Knight Rider weren't real, I decided I wanted to act because I thought I'd love to be any number of those guys."

First Hollywood crush: Linda Evans - I used to watch Dynasty as a kid. My aunt is a commercial producer in New York, and she'd done a commercial with her. I can till remember getting this signed photo of Linda."

First starstruck moment: "At a Radiohead concert at the Hollywood Bowl. It reconfirmed my belief in creativity, art and music."

First miracle: "Almost four years ago I fell three stories and landed on a roof terrace. I crushed one vertebra and fractured three others. The doctors thought I wouldn't walk again. I had this operation, and 12 days later I walked out of the hospital on crutches."

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