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The Winner of the Bathtub Race!


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It seems the Hobbits had a day of rest Sunday, February 27th, and spent their hard earned time at a Wellington water-front fun day. This is our first peek at some of The Lord Of The Rings stars off the set.

Elijah Wood, the Hobbit Frodo in Peter Jackson`s $360 million film project, will contest a celebrity bath tub race at the Wellington Dragon Boat Festival.

Other Rings stars will be Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd, who play the hobbits Merry and Pippin, and Orlando Bloom, who plays the elf Legolas.

Participants and spectators alike will be asked for $5, with proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House.

The race on Wellington Harbour will be held between noon and 1pm.

Festival director Annette Cullen said the best viewing spot would be next to Shed 6, behind the Queens Wharf Events Centre.

They were competing in the celebrity bath-race...yes, they were paddling bathtubs on the water, racing against each other.

Orlando Bloom was the winner of the race, but it seems that they were all enjoying their day off, mingling with the crowds and getting wet. It was interesting to note that when asked by a TVOne news reporter about how filming was coming along, Elijah Wood commented that they had seen about the first 20mins of the movie (spliced together) and that it was looking really good so far.

The three `Hobbits` are about the same height, Orlando Bloom seemed to tower over them. Also of note was that Orlando Bloom (Legolas) was sporting a `Mohawk` hairstyle...Really! I hope he is wearing a hair-piece for his part, it would look a little strange in the film!

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